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Рисунок с натуры
Drawing from nature

24 декабря - 10 августа 2019 года 186 участников
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Memories of Old City George Town, Penang

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Yong Ann Tan
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Author: Tan Yong Ann

George Town, one of the excellent example of historic colonial towns on Straits of Malacca that have endured and experienced the success of a series of historical events. Amalgamation of culture, architecture, and lifestyle by the colorful past from Malay Sultanate, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch British and post-colonial period. However, the effect of the evolution has none succeeded to take away the imprint of predecessors from each period. Todays, Goerge Town has become one of the living testimony to the multi-cultural heritage and tradition of Asia, where the greatest religions, and cultures co-exist through tangible nor intangible aspects.

Размеры рисунка или рисунков (в см) / Sizes of the Drawing/Drawings (cm): 420mm x 297mm

Drawing technique / Техника исполнения : Pencil and fountain pen with markers and water colors finish

Год исполнения / Year of the Drawing: 2019