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Архитектурная фантазия / Architectural fantasy

15 сентября - 25 декабря 2015 года 131 участников
Победитель/Winner —Александр/Alexandr Кобяк/Kobjak

220 Phantom tower

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Дарья/Darya Зайцева/Zaytseva
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Technique of pencil

Format 210 х 148 mm

The most important problem in our city, it is the proximity of major highways. I decided to deal with the issue of the intersection of major highways in the scale of Moscow, and identified problematic intersections with new markers. Marking these intersections visible by some vertical objects would allow, in my opinion, to create a powerful new coordinate system, which would help to navigate the city in the same way for drivers and for pedestrians.

Fundamentally important parameters for these markers must be visible and recognizable from afar. They do not necessarily have to be physical. Over time, their appearance may change gradually, critically reflecting changes in the architectural appearance of Moscow.

The main objective of this idea is to create a marker that might emerge in the future, and the search for a visual image that reflects the identity of the place. In my opinion, the problem area at the intersection of highways - traffic congestion and the lack of a holistic view on existing architectural values there. The reflection of these problems, I tried to form on a subconscious level. So phantom towers - is my personal experience on the subject.