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Архитектурная фантазия / Architectural fantasy

15 сентября - 25 декабря 2015 года 131 участников
Победитель/Winner —Александр/Alexandr Кобяк/Kobjak

123 Visual Processing II

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Megan McGlynn
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The human mind has many tricks and shortcuts it uses to decipher visual information. As we take in imagery of the world around us, our brains have a narrow focus on what is important for survival and reduces the rest to simple shapes and colors: imagery recognized and filled in with previous knowledge. This is a wonderful gift, but it leaves much of the detail of the world unnoticed by passersby, and our memories a fragmented haze. This piece is a street scene viewed through the lens of memory and periphery.

ink and gouache on collaged paper

24x30 in.


Personal Artwork - private collection